About Us

Bin Faisal is one of the leading privately owned Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan. We are committed to offer premium recruitment services to candidates and clients to place the right person on right job at right time. Our company was founded in year 2008 and is the recognized professional association to hire experienced personnel. No matter, whether you are a doctor, engineer, business associate or highly skilled IT professional, our aim is to place you on the right job at right place.

Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency Pakistan is equipped with state of the art database technology along with team of experienced and skillful staff to ensure high level placements. Our recruitment process goes through tough screening process for all prospective candidates with on-site interviewing facility. We make sure that candidates and clients can meet one to one in order to build trust and bond with each other. Candidates can get professional service with exceptional career path advice and unbeatable employment opportunities. People hunting for job can place their trust with us and be assured of quality recruitment services without any ambiguity.

Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency Pakistan is capable of hunting candidates based on their experience and specific career path. Our experience and devotion help us recognize top talent across a broad range of professional levels, industries and companies throughout UAE and middle east.


Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency aims to help businesses grow by properly fitting the right talent according to their specialized service and consulting needs. We believe in developing careers for the professionals and follow the ethics in every possible mean to develop a work environment where employees can flourish differently.


Our vision is to become the world’s top recognized recruitment agency trusted by employers and employees based on our quality recruitment services. We strive to excellence to become the preferred platform for candidates, looking forward for the right career and ideal organization.

Our Core Values

Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency in Pakistan is the leading and qualified agency offering candidates and employers to achieve the desired goals.

Honor: We take pride in delivering the recruitment services with honor. We claim to set you apart from whatever you are hunting to achieve ultimate goal. Therefore, Bin Faisal does not sacrifice its honor and make sure not to commit tall claims with null results. Honesty, integrity and honor are our core beliefs and that is what sets apart.

Passion: Bin Faisal’s recruitment consultants are self driven, committed and devoted to make sure that clients get the optimum results.

Ethics: In highly competitive work environment, it is difficult to overcome the challenges faced by the organizations and candidates. We are committed to work under ethics in order to offer you honest and fair recommendations to reach the goal without worrying about the money we get.

Professionalism: Achieving success is not possible without being professional. Integrity, work excellence, responsibility and good character are the fundamentals of professionalism and Bin Faisal recruitment agency holds all of them.

Honesty: The consultants at Bin Faisal are highly skilled professionals, taught to work with honesty. We believe in honesty and work with our clients without losing their trust.

Assurance: our words of mouth are final and we assure to give clients the assurance of what we promised. Our commitment and dedication to work with clients drive us to take possible actions and act responsibly. We build trust with our clients to maintain quality of trust and friendliness.