Our Projects


Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency in Pakistan has vast experience in recruiting candidates for companies looking forward for capable workforce. Some of our projects include:

Among our projects, we have offered human resource consultancy to multinational companies and SMEs. We were able to deliver the best HR consultancy and offered them:

  • Change in Human Resource Manual in order to improve the management role in various levels of hierarchy.
  • Improvement in job descriptions of companies to utilize and hire candidates for optimum performance and productivity.
  • Training for employees to better utilize their skills and fill the gap efficiently.
  • Performance management and benefits to motivate employees to work with devotion, show performance and get rewarded.
  • Cost effective solution for the companies to ensure the best utilization of assets both human and machinery.

We were also able to outsource staff for a number of companies to reduce the cost and get maximum work without wasting money on buying resources.