Our Team


Founder and CEO

Mr. Faisal is highly competent professional working for more than 12 years in the field of recruitment. He has specialized in Business Administration & Human Resource Management. In his portfolio he has managed to acquire several certifications in Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Management. And is been involved in recruitment and management-consulting work for more than 12 years comprised of strategic leadership roles, working over diverse range of projects and giving thorough advice to multinational companies. His professionalism, experience, self-driven personality and leadership skills helped him in establishing a recruitment firm to serve people all over the world to acquire the optimum talent for the companies in order to achieve their long-term goals.

Operations Manager

Mr. Imran has strategic mindset and high-level leadership with effective planning, leading, organizing and control. He has high-level customer relation orientation. As a well versed gentleman with wide years of experience both as a coordinator and recruiter, he has got the skills to manage different tasks at various levels and proves to be an asset to the company. His experience with operation & maintenance industry had polished him in dealing with different types of clients and that is why he focuses on the minute details of every aspect. He is passionate and knows how to manage the time accurately, without letting down the clients expectations.


Mr. Naveed has wide years’ experience in Manpower exporting on the construction, IT, Hospitality, Accounts in Saudi Arabia and U.A.E and across Middle east region and abroad. Naveed has expert knowledge of recruitment and has extensive supervisory coordination skills with domestic and international recruiters. He had previously worked for with high-point rendel Consulting recruiters in KSA & UAE.

HR & Admin Manager

Mr. Zahid is responsible for ensuring compliance with Legal, Contractual or Statutory procedures on personnel management such as recruiting, welfare benefits and work contract. He had a vast experience to managing personnel’s individual and collective development, such as training, assessment and promotions.
Zahid has given his services in renowned firm in the field of Human Resource Management & Administration related tasks in KSA.

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Meet Mr. Abdullah, our recruitment specialist working since 2008. He is highly experienced professional with certification from reputed university. Working with diverse range of industries across the country, including, advertising, hospitality and management, engineering, doctor and IT sector. His job role as a recruitment manager in Bin Faisal has proved to be fruitful for company, clients and candidates. Moreover, his management skills have not only benefited recruitment process but also helped in restructuring the company’s hierarchy.

Business Development Manager

Mr. Mehran holds an experience of more than 07 years in various walks of life from hospitality industry to leading IT companies. Worked for more than four multi-national companies, Mehran has proved his skills both professionally and technically. He is responsible for screening and short listing candidates as per the client’s requirement.

Business Development Manager (KSA)

Mr. Wahab has 08 years of experience in the field of Business Development in various walks of life. He is responsible to locate or proposes potential business deals by contacting potential partners, discovering and exploring opportunities around the KSA. He develops negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations, examining risks and potentials, estimating partners’ needs and goals.