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Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a largely mountainous landlocked East Alpine country in the southern part of Central Europe. It is composed of 9 federated states, one of which is Vienna, Austria’s capital and largest city. With its stunning Alpine peaks and placid crystal clear lakes, Austria is the epitome of idyllic, while its capital, Vienna, has been ranked as the most livable city in the planet. Austria has unusually diverse mineral resources for a small country. It is the world’s largest producer of magnesite. Other natural resources are tungsten, coal, lignite, iron ore, copper, zinc, oil, antimony, graphite and salt. So, a perfect land of opportunities for a recruitment agency for Austria in many business sectors. Austria 2020 population is estimated at 9,006,398 people at mid-year according to UN data. About 1,438,923 foreigners are living in Austria.

Most Developed Industries in Austria

Austria is one of the foremost producers of hydroelectric power in Europe, while other sources for power generation are wind energy, biomass and solar energy.

The construction industry generates over 360 billion dollars in revenue, producing around 9% of Austria’s GDP, and has a projected annual growth rate of 2.4% in the next 5 years.

Tourism is important to Austria’s economy, contributing 7.3% to its GDP.

Austria telecom market has witnessed strong growth in recent years and is expected to attain stronger growth.

The high export shares of 85% proves that Austrian textiles are in great demand and highly esteemed all over the world.

The Austrian banking system is highly developed, with worldwide correspondent relations, as well as offices and branches in major financial centers.

Recruitment Agency for Austria

Mechanical engineering in Austria is one of the developed and demanding sectors.

FMCG products in the foodstuff and cosmetics are the most sold products in Austria. Most of these goods went to other European countries.

The Austrian food processing industry plays a major role in the Austrian economy and represents the 5th largest industrial sub-sector.

Austria has strong and still growing market for organic agricultural and food products. Austria has the highest percentage of organic farm land within the Europe.

Cattle farming and milk production are major lines of production in livestock industry.

The healthcare system in Austria provides excellent healthcare for the vast majority of citizens. Approximately 99% of people who live in Austria are part of the public healthcare system.

Austria is considered to have a very high quality of education. The University of Vienna is ranked 143 according to the Times Higher Education world rankings and boasts 9 institutions in the top 1,000.

How BinFaisal facilitates Austria for HR Recruitment

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