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Malta, island country located in the central Mediterranean Sea with a close historical and cultural connection to both Europe and North Africa. Malta is the world’s 10th smallest country in area and 4th most densely populated country. Malta has limited natural resources. Limestone and salt are the only significant resources available in the country. Malta 2021 population is estimated at 442,487 people at midyear according to UN data. Malta is hosting 20,289 people.

Most developed industries in Malta

Due to its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments, Malta is highly dependent on the tourism industry, with approximately 17% of GDP reliant on this sector. Malta has a great historical hospitality (hotels and restaurants) industry in accordance with developed tourism industry.

Malta Staffing Agency in Pakistan

Malta has a strong public healthcare system, which provides free services to all Maltese citizens and European Union residents. Malta has much focused over educational sector and this island is increasingly capturing a share of the global higher education. Malta’s agricultural sector is small and only accounts for about 2.8% of GDP. Most of the crops and foodstuffs produced are consumed domestically.

Malta has established an advanced steel fabrication sector producing huge manufacturing products. In Malta, FMCG industry is emerging at a very fast rate. The transport system in Malta is small but extensive, and the island’s domestic system of public transport is reliant on buses and taxis.

The telecom sector is a key driver of Malta’s economic growth. It underpins the success of other sectors since it is a crucial-enabler of the knowledge-based economy. The construction and real Estate sectors contribute around 13.5% of Malta’s GVA and from 2016 to 2017, direct, indirect and induced output grew by 8.9% to 2.56 billion.

How BinFaisal facilitates Malta for manpower recruitment

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