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Qatar, officially the state of Qatar, is a sovereign and independent Islamic state in the Middle East, occupying a peninsula that just into the Arabian Gulf. Qatar also includes several gulf islands (Al Aaliya Island, Al Khor or Purple Island, Al Safliya Island). Qatar shares its southern border with Saudi Arabia and a maritime border with Bahrain, UAE and Iran. Petroleum and natural gas are the keystones of Qatar’s economy and account for more than 70% of the government revenue, more than 60% of GDP and unevenly 85% of export earnings. A recruitment agency for Qatar can find so much opportunities here in all kind of business sectors. According to UN data the population of Qatar in 2021 is estimated at 2,927,208 people at mid-year. Qatar is hosting about 2.1 million migrants.

Qatar Recruitment Agency in Pakistan

Qatar’s most developed industries that has reached great heights of development

The construction sector is playing a significant role in powering Qatar’s economy as it contributes about 15.9% to GDP.

Qatar has the world’s 3rd largest proven natural gas reserves and is the 2nd largest exporter of natural gas. Petroleum and natural gas contribute more than 60% to GDP.

Qatar’s telecom market has witnessed strong growth in recent years even during Covid-19 pandemic and is expected to attain stronger growth over the forecast period to 2025.

Qatar has one of the best power and energy sector among Gulf countries as it uses various ways for the electricity generation. In Qatar electricity is being generated by means of crude oil, natural gas and solar power.

Land transport has become a key enabler of the Qatari economy and a cornerstone of its growth. Now Qatar has great planning for a huge transport network in future. On the other hand, Qatar is running one of the best air transport system with award winning international cargo carrier.

Qatar has a highly developing healthcare system that has been ranked the world’s top 5 in terms of quality of care.

Travel and tourism are an important component for Qatari economy, as well as a significant source of foreign exchange revenues, contributing to 9.3% of county’s GDP.

Due to a healthy tourism sector, Qatar has established hotels and restaurants sector according to international standard.

Education is free in Qatar. Qatar aims to build a modern world class educational system that provides students with a 1st rate education.

Qatar has well organized banking sector as Qatari government is fully supporting this sector.

Qatar’s agricultural sector has expanded in recent years. The main agricultural products of Qatar are cereals, fruits and dates.

The Qatari metal industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 4.84% over the forecast period of 2019-2024.

Qatar has one of world’s highest GDP per capita, meaning its retail sector benefits from high levels of disposable income.

Qatar continues to lead the way as the safest country in the world, which reveals that Qatar has a very strong security network.

How BinFaisal promoting Qatar by providing manpower recruitment

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Qatar and Pakistan are sharing a strong trading relationship. Qatar is investing greatly in Pakistan, in the form of deposits and direct investment. In return, Pakistan is enhancing development to Qatar by providing hardworking and skilled recruitment.

ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed Pakistan with a treasure of multi-talented and skilled people who are looking for jobs in Qatar, therefore among other countries Qatar is also showing great interest for hiring Pakistani recruitment for different industries. BinFaisal overseas recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan is providing good head hunting services to Qatar and has gained their trust. Here are some Qatari industries for which BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau is providing desired manpower recruitment: