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Bahrain officially named as Kingdome of Bahrain (in Arabic: Mamlakat Al-Bahrayn) is a country located in Persian Gulf. Bahrain has marvelous luxuriant plantation of Date palms. Bahrain is known as the 1st country in the region to discover Crude oil and refinery operation. Bahrain is richly blessed with natural resources of Oil, natural gas, and fishing, so many industries here looking for special manpower recruitment agency for Bahrain. According to UN data total estimated population of Bahrain is 1,701,575 people and hosting about 789,273 foreigners at 2020 midyear calculations.

Most Developed Industries in Bahrain

As Bahrain is considered to be the 1st country discovered Crude Oil and 1st country operating refineries, now has established a fundamental position all around the world. Also has earned a name in petrochemical industry.

Steel fabrication industry is designed and well furnished with advanced technologies and machineries.

Food processing industry is much developed and equipped with latest technologies.

Great development can be seen in Mechanical engineering sector.

Bahrain is running its Educational industry most successfully and hired large number of foreigner teachers to overcome the deficiencies in this department.

Hospitality market has been growing rapidly and Bahrain facilitate its civilians with free health services.

Bahrain construction industry is expanding vigorously as Bahrain government is energetically investing in this sector.

Bahrain Recruitment Recruitment Agency from Pakistan

How BinFaisal Facilitates Bahrain for Manpower Recruitment

BinFaisal the leading manpower recruitment agency for Bahrain is one of the best recruitment agencies in Pakistan and registered Bureau by Govt. of Pakistan (OP&HRD|3848|LHR.), has earned a name of fame all around the world. BinFaisal has strengthened its position among others because BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau always satisfy its overseas clients in regard to the provision of hardworking and qualified recruit. Bahrain and Pakistan relations are extremely strong and friendly. Both countries have developed cordial trade with each other.

ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed Pakistan with a treasure of multi-talented, hardworking and devoting people who are looking for jobs in Bahrain in their desired working sector. Therefore, among other countries Bahrain is taking interest for hiring Pakistani recruitment for many industries .Many Bahrain industries has developed contact with BinFaisal for required manpower and BinFaisal employment promoters for Bahrain did so and has gained its trust. Different industries for which we are providing required manpower: