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Japan is an Island country in East Asia, located in the northwest of Pacific Ocean. Japan has 4 main islands and mostly covered with forest and mountains. Japan is only country famous in architecture, art, traditions, crafts. Japan is richly blessed with natural reserves of natural gas, coal, iron ore, zinc, lead, copper, sulfur, gold and silver among the large reserves of minerals. Japan also has large reserves of limestone, So there are so many opportunities for recruitment agency for Japan. According to UN data the total estimated population of japan is 126,476,461 people at midyear of 2020. Total foreign population is 2,866,715 people.

Most Developed Industries in Japan

In Japan the agricultural economy is highly subsidized as Japan’s land is suitable for cultivation. Most important crop is rice.

Japan has made progress by leaps and bounds in IT and Telecommunication industry and also facilitate the export of computers, semiconductors.

Japan is applying renovate technologies in the field of banking, transportation, and telecommunication.

Japan is concerned with the export of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, bio industry, shipbuilding, aerospace, textiles, and processed food.

Oil & gas industry is also running successfully as Japan not only meets its homeland demands but also exports many petrochemicals.

Transportation in Japan is modern and highly developed. Japan is operating train transport with the consumption of low energy.

Japan Recruitment Recruitment Agency from Pakistan

How BinFaisal Facilitates Japan for Manpower Recruitment

BinFaisal employment promoters for Japan is one of the most demanding registered recruitment agency in Pakistan (license NO. OP&HRD|3848|LHR.) and has earned the name of fame all around the world. BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau has strengthened its position among others because our 1st priority is to satisfy our overseas clients in regard to the provision of hardworking and qualified manpower recruitment.

Japan and Pakistan share a long friendship history and both countries help each other in their ups and downs. Both countries are running Import and Export business with each other. Textiles are Pakistan’s major exports and mostly interested in the import of transportation sector and IT sector.

ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed Pakistan with a treasure of talented and skillful people wishing to get jobs in Japan, therefore Japan is also showing great interest for hiring Pakistani multi-talented recruit for different industries. Here are the names of some Japanese industries for which BinFaisal the leading manpower recruitment agency for Japan can provide manpower recruitment: