Recruitment Agency for Morocco

Morocco in Arabic means Al Maghreb which means the place of sun sets. Morocco is a Northern African country, 8 miles away from Europe, is being bordered by 2 seas (Atlantic sea, Mediterranean Sea). Morocco is famous for its distinct pottery and ceramics. Morocco has natural resources of phosphate, zinc, manganese and Iron ore. So, lots of chances to grow for a recruitment agency for Morocco. According to UN data total estimated population of Morocco is 36,910,560 people and 700,000 migrants calculated at 2020 midyear.

Most Developed Industries in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco is well established and an excellent source of jobs.

Morocco has saturated Telecom industry.

Morocco has well developed downstream (refers to the recovery and the purification of bio-synthetic products) sector.

Moroccan agricultural industry is well developed and exports high quality agricultural products to Europe.

In Morocco the private health care unit is running progressively than that of government hospitals.

Morocco Recruitment Recruitment Agency from Pakistan

How BinFaisal Facilitates Morocco for Manpower Recruitment

Binfaisal manpower recruitment bureau in Pakistan is one of the most demanding registered overseas employment agency in Pakistan (license NO.OP&HRD|3848|LHR.) and has earned a name of fame all over the world. BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau has strengthened its position among others because we always satisfy our overseas clients in regard to the provision of hardworking and skilled recruitment.

Morocco and Pakistan are in good relationship with each other. Both countries have mutual export and import business.

ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed Pakistan with a treasure of multi-talented and devoting people who are looking for jobs in Morocco in their desired working sector. Therefore, among other countries Morocco is also showing its interest for hiring eligible recruit for many industries. We always welcome to Moroccan industries to contact us for manpower recruitment of their desired industries. BinFaisal manpower recruitment agency for Morocco is going to display some industries name for which we are providing eligible manpower: