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Saudi Arabia official name is KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA, is a country in western Asia constituting the vast majority of the Arabian Peninsula (Arabian Peninsula can be defined as a land form situated between red sea and the Persian Gulf). Saudi Arabia is the largest nation on the Arabian peninsula. Saudi Arabia has become a center for all Muslim countries due to the presence of KHANA KABAH, richly blessed with natural resources of crude oil and natural gas. Saudi Arabia has become the world’s largest oil exporter and controlling the 6th largest gas reserves which is one of the main cause to KSA companies look for special manpower recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia.

According to UN data the total population of Saudi Arabia is estimated at 34,813,871 peoples at 2020 midyear. As per data more than 30% of the Saudi population are foreigners. The total no of Non-Saudis is estimated to be 10,736,293.

Most Developed Industries in Saudi Arabia

As we know that Saudi Arabia is controlling the World’s 2nd largest Oil reserves and the 6th largest gas reserves, so its major industry must be oil and gas industry. With large numbers of oil and gas refineries, Saudi Arabia is creating huge scope for engineering industry.

Saudi Arabia has much developed construction sector with hug consumption of fabricated metals.

Fabricated metals are being used in Pipes, Machinery, Automotive industry, and Aeronautic industry.

Saudi Arabia power and energy sector is being operated with the help of thermal energy.

Due to the presence of Islamic center (KHANA KABAH) and large reserves of natural resources, Saudi Arabia has to established stronger Security network throughout the country.

Saudi Arabia is a rich country so mostly peoples do not like to drive their own vehicles, feel much comfortable with drivers, so producing large scope for vehicle drivers

Saudi Arabia has much developed Agricultural industry as much famous in the production and export of dates, fruits, vegetables, and flowers all over the world.

Due to the religious travel to the country, Saudi Arabia is greatly investing and progressing in both travel and hotel industry.

Saudi Arabia Recruitment Recruitment Agency from Pakistan

How BinFaisal Facilitates Saudi Arabia for Manpower Recruitment

BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau is registered by Government of Pakistan Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development (license no. OP&HRD/3848/LHR). is one of the best manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan and has earned a name of fame all around the world. BinFaisal has strengthened its position among others because our 1st priority is to satisfy our clients (countries) in regard to the provision of hardworking and qualified manpower.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan has developed mutual relationship with each other in many sectors. Pakistan imports oil and different petrochemicals etc. from Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia takes much interest in Pakistani talented, skillful, qualified and hardworking recruit for different industries who are looking for jobs in Saudi Arabia.

BinFaisal the leading recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia assists different Saudi industries in regard to the provision of manpower and has gained their trust. Here are some names of Saudi industries for which BinFaisal bureau is providing manpower: