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Scotland, is a country that is the part of United Kingdom. Covering the northern 3rd of the island of Great Britain( Europe’s largest island), to the southeast border with England, to the north and west is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Irish Sea and to the northeast by the North Sea. Scotland is well awarded with natural resources from fertile land to oil and gas. Other minerals resources of Scotland are coal, zinc, iron and oil shale. The current population of Scotland in 2021 is about 5.46 million people, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest UN data. There are 355,000 non-British living in Scotland.

Most attractive and developed industries of Scotland

Scotland is known as the industrial power house of Europe from the time of the industrial revolution onwards, and also a world leader in manufacturing. Most developed Scottish industries are:

The oil and gas industry contributed 9 billion pounds in gross value added to the Scottish economy, more than 5% of GDP.

In Scotland electricity is being generated by means of renewable resources which are wind power, hydro-power, solar energy and geothermal power. 89.5% of gross electricity consumption came from renewable resources.

The engineering and advanced manufacturing sector is one of the Scotland’s largest export sector.

The transport system in Scotland is generally well developed and is a critical component of Scotland’s national infrastructure and vital to the economic well-being of the country.

Scottish healthcare system has the reputation of being the most efficient as compared to its neighbors. Scotland has become a hub of med tech manufacturing expertise and has a well-developed pharmaceutical industry.

The banking sector is one of the most important in the Scottish economy, one of Europe’s leading monetary centers and the 2nd financial hub in the UK, and contributes 8% of Scottish GDP.

Scotland Recruitment Agency in Pakistan

Scotland has a well-developed agricultural sector and exports a good quantity of agricultural products.

Scotland is a well-developed tourist destination. The tourism is one of the most important economic sector for Scotland and contributes 5% of Scottish GDP.

The Scottish textile industry is known as one of the high value manufacturing and global exporting industry.

Scotland is good for farming. Scottish beef is famous all around the world for its quality and welfare standards.

The construction sector contributes 8.5 billion pounds to the Scottish economy.

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