Agriculture Sector Recruitment

Agriculture can be defined as the branch of science which facilitates human beings by giving them knowledge about farming, cultivation of soil for the growing of crops, proper use of a fertilizer, and rearing (breed and raise) of animals to provide food, wool, meet and other dairy products. Agriculture is a primary activity since it directly involves natural resources and that increase the importance of qualified agriculture sector recruitment.

Agricultural industry is beneficial to human beings because it helps human beings to grow the most ideal food crops and raise the right animals with accordance to environmental factors. now latest technologies are going to be used in agricultural industry such as

cloning, genetic manipulation, intensive tillage mono-culture, use of synthetic fertilizers, irrigation technologies, chemical pest control, all these technologies help human beings to get more food before natural time period.

Branches of Agriculture

There are 4 main branches of agriculture:

1: Livestock Production

It is the management and breeding of domestic or farm animals to obtain their meet and other products such as milk, other dairy products, eggs, leather, etc.

2: Crop Production

This branch of agriculture deals with the production of crops for food and fibers.

3: Agricultural Economics

It is an applied field of economics that deals how producers, consumers, and societies can use scarce resources in the production, marketing, and consumption of food and fiber products.

4: Agricultural Engineering

This field of agricultural industry attempts to solve the problems related to farming or rearing, soil texture, farm machinery, farm drainage, water supply and irrigation etc.

Agriculture Sector Recruitment from Pakistan

Scope of Agriculture in Different Countries

It is very important for the development of any country to be developed in agricultural industry. because every country has to depend on this industry for food and fibers.

Despite of recent remarkable progress in commerce, Japan is still predominantly an agricultural country.

Saudi Arabia has made extreme progress in agricultural industry, and exports wheat, dates, dairy products, eggs, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables and flowers to market around the world.

UAE has advanced agricultural system and exports large number of vegetables all over the world.

Sudan and Oman are growing fruits, vegetables, dates and cotton for their own use.

Both crop production and animal production in Romania follow an up growing trend.

By using latest technologies in horticulture and animal husbandry Germany has developed most advanced agricultural industry.

Despite the low rainfall and poor soil condition, agriculture in Bahrain is an important sector. major crop is alfalfa an animal fodder.

How BinFaisal Facilitate Clients for Agriculture Sector Recruitment

BinFaisal is a top-rated manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan and registered by Government of Pakistan Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development (license no. OP&HRD/3848/LHR).

Our 1st priority is to provide best services to our clients in regard to manpower for any kind of industry. ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed Pakistan with a treasure of talented and skillful people related to agriculture sector. Therefore, mostly abroad countries are showing their interest for hiring agriculture recruitment from Pakistan for their desired agriculture sectors. Whenever our clients contact with us for recruit, BinFaisal advertise it via print and electronic media to hunt the right candidates for our overseas clients.

BinFaisal has a proper job portal, where qualified and talented candidates from all over the Pakistan submit their data who are seeking for overseas jobs in agriculture sector. Here our qualified licensed professionals select and hire the best one for our clients.

BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau has also established a training center. BinFaisal has appointed qualified and experienced Instructors, who checked out and improve their skills.

BinFaisal manpower recruitment agency for agriculture sector not only fulfill the demands of our clients but also pay concern on the future of our candidates who want to make their career in agriculture sector, and other facilities provided by foreigner industries. is the name of TRUST which we give to our clients as well as to our provided manpower.

Here are some categories for agricultural industry recruitment listed below:

  • Biochemist
  • Environmental engineer
  • Bioinformatics scientists
  • Sales manager
  • Agronomy
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Food scientist
  • Animal geneticist
  • Agricultural operation manager
  • Electricians
  • Civil engineers
  • Vehicle drivers

If you are looking for hard-workers, skilled and qualified recruitment from Pakistan for any sector of agriculture, feel free to call us: +92-301-4221045 or contact us to get details.