Hotels & Restaurants Staff Recruitment

Hotels and Restaurants both are business organizations that provide different services to customers.

Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is also known as Service Industry that deals with guest accommodation or lodging. Hotel industry refers not only to hotels, but also to many other forms of overnight accommodation, including hostels, motels, inns and guest houses.

Restaurant Industry

The food service industry includes any establishment that provide food to people outside their homes. This includes restaurants, carryout operations, cafeteria, university dining halls, catering and inns.

Sectors of Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has 4 main sectors:

1: Food and Beverages

This sector is involved in the processing, packing and distribution of raw food materials, fresh prepared food, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

2: Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism both sectors have great impact over hospitality industry.

3: Lodging

Temporary accommodation of a person or group of peoples outside the house in other city or country.

4: Recreations

Hospitality industry provides ways of recreation to people outside their homes when they are free.

Hotels & Restaurants Staff Recruitment from Pakistan

Highly Scoped Countries for Hospitality Industry

Operating sector or tourism and hospitality industry are directly proportional to each other. Due to the growth of operating sectors the growth of hospitality industry is also going to develop.

Spain, Japan, United State of America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland, all are the countries having much more developed and advanced hospitality industry.

In Saudi Arabia this industry is growing more rapidly due to religious travel to the country. There is seen encouraging investment in hospitality industry.

Due to the presence of Middle East largest port, great scope for business and tourism, UAE is greatly investing in hospitality industry.

As Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Oman, are greatly blessed with natural resources so these countries are taking much interest in the development of their hospitality industry.

How BinFaisal Facilitate clients for Hotels & Restaurants Staff Recruitment

BinFaisal has established its position as a well repute manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan registered by Government of Pakistan Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development (license no. OP&HRD/3848/LHR). The aim of BinFaisal is to fulfill all the demands of our clients in regard to their hotels & restaurants staff recruitment. ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed Pakistan with lots of multi-talented people in hospitality industry. Mostly abroad countries are showing interest for recruiting staff from Pakistan.

So when our clients contact us for manpower we advertise it through Print and electronic media. BinFaisal has a proper job portal where talented and qualified people who are seeking for overseas job for hospitality industry from all over the Pakistan, submit their CV / data. Our licensed professionals seek out, find out or hire the candidates according to the demands of our clients.

BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau also has a training center, where our trained and qualified instructors checked out and improved the skills of candidates so that the best one can be selected or hired for our client.

BinFaisal overseas recruitment agency for hospitality industry not only secured the future of our clients but also gives security to our candidates in regard to their jobs, residence and other facilities out of country.

BinFaisal has manpower for hospitality industry for these categories:

  • Waiter / Waitress
  • Hotel manager
  • Receptionist
  • Chef

If you are looking for skilled, qualified & well educated staff / manpower recruitment from Pakistan for your hotels and restaurants, feel free to call us: +92-301-4221045 or contact us to get details.