Livestock industry Recruitment

Livestock means domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce labor and commodities such as meat, egg, milk, fur, leather, and wool. Livestock word comes from the sense of stock that means “supply for future use” or “sum of money”, this word was also used to mean “movable property of a farm”.

Livestock management:

Livestock management refers to the activities carried out by a farmer in his effort to raise farm animals. It also involves the provision and maintenance of adequate housing, good feeding, sanitation and Medicare.

Livestock industry:

The livestock industry has played an important role in economic development of a country. It involves raising the animals, which include cattle, sheep, horses, and to a lesser extent, goats and mules, and the processing of the animals products for consumers.

Types of livestock farming

Livestock farming system has different types which are differentiated from each other by the production processes that take place in each of them.

1: Intensive livestock farming

Intensive livestock farming is one in which the animals are housed with adequate temperatures, feed and health care necessary for the production of animals to be healthy and faster.

2: Semi-intensive livestock farming

Semi–intensive livestock farming is one in which the animals are housed and fed, but are allowed to graze or move around with in the farm area.

3: Extensive livestock farming

Extensive livestock production is an animal farming system characterized by a low productivity per animal and per surface.

4: Nomadic livestock farming

Nomadic pastoralism is a form of animal husbandry where domesticated animals or livestock are released onto large vegetated outdoor land.

5: Transshipment livestock farming

A seasonal movement of livestock between fixed summer and winter meadows is known as transshipment livestock farming.

6: Organic livestock farming

Organic livestock production is a mean of food production with a large no. of rules directed towards a high status of animal welfare, care for the environment, restricted use of medical drugs and the production of a healthy product without residues (pesticides or medical drugs).

Livestock industry Recruitment from Pakistan

Countries with developed livestock industry

The United States is the world’s largest beef and buffalo meat producer.

In Saudi Arabia the livestock sector is much developed and export oriented. Animal husbandry or livestock production has risen sharply in recent years. Japan has a well reputed livestock industry. Dairy cattle farming generated the highest output with in the domestic livestock sector, followed by poultry farming.

Animal production in Romania has developed more rapidly than crop production. Cattle dairy farming, sheep dairy farming and lamb production are the main commercial farming activities in Romania.

Livestock is the largest sub-sector of the Sudanese domestic economy and is a growing contributor to exports.

How BinFaisal Facilitate for Livestock Industry

Binfaisal manpower recruitment agency is one of the most famous registered agency in Pakistan holding license no. OP&HRD\3848\LHR. The aim of Binfaisal is to full all the demands of our overseas clients. Pakistan is blessed with lots of skillful and talented individuals, so many abroad countries are taking interest for hiring recruit from here. Whenever our overseas clients make contact with us for manpower required for livestock management industry, Binfaisal advertise it via electric and print media.

BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau has proper job portal where eligible, talented and skillful candidates, who are seeking for overseas jobs in livestock industry submit their data. Our licensed professionals then seek out, find out or hire the best one for our clients.

Binfaisal has a training center where our professionals and experts improve their skills. Any deficiency if found is being resolved here. Binfaisal not only fulfil the demands of our clients but also secure the future of our manpower supplied in other countries related to their jobs, salary and residence package. Binfaisal is the name of trust which we provide to our clients and manpower too. Here are some categories for recruitment desired for livestock management industry:

  • Agricultural extension specialist
  • Vocational agriculture instructor
  • Genetic engineer
  • Chemical engineer

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