Medical Staff Recruitment

About Medical Industry

The medical or healthcare industry is known as a business which is associated with the provision of medical services, rehabilitation, manufacturing of medical instruments, drugs or many other services. Medical industry is an integrated sector of economy of any country which provides its services to patients for cure, prevention and many other health maintaining services.

The aim of medical industry is to improve the quality of life for both patients and family. Medical industry is providing not only health cure treatments but also focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness.

Sectors of Medical Industry

The Healthcare or Medical industry provides a variety of services to support the healthcare needs of a society. The medical industry is mainly divided into 4 sectors:

1: Health Care Services and Facilities

Deals with hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, Ambulatory health care services, Medical practitioners and Health care professionals.

2: Medical Devices

Equipment and hospital supplies manufacturers.

3: Medical Insurance, Medical Services and Managed Care

4: Pharmaceuticals and Related Segments

Medical Staff Recruitment from Pakistan

Most Demanding Countries for Medical Recruitment

UAE has much developed healthcare infrastructure and was ranked one of the top 10 most efficient healthcare system in the World.

Japan has biggest medical device market and most advanced Medical technology in the world with great no of doctors and nurses.

In Germany, healthcare is one of the largest economic sectors with 7.5millions employees.

Morocco has both public hospitals and private clinics but its private sector is growing rapidly.

In Oman foreign hired medical expertise not only helped but also improved the skills of the country’s homegrown medical professionals.

Bahrain also have much developed healthcare market which has been growing frequently.

Poland has remarkable medical device market.

How BinFaisal Facilitate clients for Medical Staff Recruitment

BinFaisal has established its position as a well repute manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan registered by Government of Pakistan Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development (license no. OP&HRD/3848/LHR). The aim of BinFaisal is to fulfill all the demands of our clients who are looking for recruitment for medical staffing. ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed Pakistan with lots of skillful and talented individuals in medial field, so many countries are taking interest for hiring medial recruit from here. Whenever our foreigner clients make contact with us for manpower for medical staff recruitment, BinFaisal advertise it via electric and print media.

BinFaisal has proper job portal where eligible, talented and skillful candidates, who are seeking for oversees job submit their CV / data. our licensed professionals then seek out, find out or hire the best one for our client.

BinFaisal also has a training center where our specialized professionals and experts improve their skills. Any deficiency if found is resolved here. BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau not only fulfill the demands of our clients but also secure the future of our manpower supplied in other countries related to their jobs and salary residence package. BinFaisal overseas recruitment agency for Medical Staffing is the name of trust which we provide to our clients and manpower too.

Here are some categories for recruitment desired for medical industry:

  • General physician
  • Pediatricians
  • General surgeon
  • Cardiologist
  • Dentist
  • Dermatologist
  • Gynecologist
  • ENT specialist
  • Male |female nurses
  • Radio therapist
  • Pathologist
  • Orthopedic

If you are looking for qualified Medical staff / manpower recruitment from Pakistan for hospitals, medical labs or any kind of health care centers, feel free to call us: +92-301-4221045 or contact us to get details.