Security Staff Recruitment

About Security Services

Every person, Industry, Institutions and Country have their own assets, which they want to secure from any damage. That damage may be a natural disaster or a physical activity such as terrorism. The aim of security sector or security staff recruitment is not only to secure the resources of an employ but also minimize the risk. Security may also gain to prevent the leakage of any kind of technologies as well as some kind of confidential information.

To achieve this security purpose every person, building, institutions and countries hire special security services. At highly risked areas and richly resourced sectors, this security is being provided by the government of a country itself. Beside this some people, companies, agencies, Industries and Institution manage their security privately.

Divisions of Security Sector

There are 3 main kinds of SECURITY SECTOR:

1: Management Security

This sector managed or Identifies any kind of assets of an organization. These assets may some people, a building, machinery, a system and may be confidential information.

2: Operational Security

OPSEC identifies INFORMATION and determines what kind of action should be taken over this information.

3: Physical Security

This security sector involves in the protection of Personal, Hardware, Software networks and data from Physical Actions (terrorism, theft) that could cause damage to an enterprise, agency and institution security and also from natural disaster i.e., Fire, Flood etc.

Security Staff Recruitment from Pakistan

Most Demanding Countries for Security Staff Recruitment

The relationship between safety and security is such that a weakness in security creates high risk, which in turn creates decrease in safety. Each developed and developing countries have their own special security services. UK, Canada, France, Japan, China, Germany, Gulf Countries, Sudan and many more have special intelligence services for highly risked and confidential areas.

On the other hand, private sectors, peoples get private security services. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, India and many other countries showing interest on hiring private security services. These private security agencies provide security services for all kind of industries. Now security cameras are also the part of security system.

How BinFaisal Facilitate clients for Security staff Recruitment

BinFaisal manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan is one of the most famous manpower bureauregistered by Government of Pakistan Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development (license no. OP&HRD/3848/LHR). The aim of BinFaisal is to fulfill the demands of clients. To fulfill all the desires of clients BinFaisal has a proper jab portal where qualified and skillful people submit their CV / data from all over the Pakistan who are looking for overseas jobs.

In case of security services and on the demand of different countries who take great interest in private security services, BinFaisal National Manpower Bureau have specialized security staff recruitment from Pakistan including Security Officers, Patrolling Officers, Security Agents and many more. All recruitment that BinFaisal provide to its clients are examined and checked by special security officers present in BinFaisal training center in Pakistan. The purpose of BinFaisal training center is to provide best security staff recruitment to their overseas clients.

On the other hand, BinFaisal also secure the future of our provided manpower in other countries on account of their jobs and resident also. Here are some different categories for security staff recruitment from Pakistan which BinFaisal have:

  • Security guards
    (both for commercial and residential buildings)
  • Security officers
  • Security agents
  • Electrical engineers
    (using latest security technologies i.e. security cameras, alarming system and monitoring system)
  • Private police
  • Safety petrol officers
  • Drivers for patrolling vehicles
  • Technicians
  • Civil engineers

if you are looking for skilled security staff / manpower recruitment from Pakistan, feel free to call us: +92-301-4221045 or contact us to get details.