Our Clients Thoughts


  1. We are happy to avail the services of Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency for recruiting staff that was highly competent and able to show their skills according to our requirements. We are delighted to work with Bin Faisal as a recruiter as they had a very friendly approach and assisted us in improving Human Resource issues. We were very delighted to see the output in the form of great working relationship, and highly recommend Bin Faisal recruitment services to other companies.
  2. My several years of experience with Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency was far more than expected. I haven’t thought of using any other services for recruitment process and will not in the future, as they have offered me something that was valuable in terms of services. They have a good caliber of providing highly skilled candidates who were responsible, honest and committed to work. No matter, what type of candidates you need, Bin Faisal offers everything that meet the expectations and caters to the needs of the client. The work ethics and recruitment process is classic that is reflected in the candidates they recruit and eventually place in the company. There is nothing comparable to the commitment and level of care by Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency and I would definitely feel no hesitation in recommending them to other clients.
  3. Anyone looking for an ideal job can find the Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency to be the best place. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a person with several years of experience, they offer the best employment opportunity to give your career a boost. My dearest friend who got the job immediately after acquiring services of Bin Faisal first recommended me. Thereafter, I decided to give it a try and found it to be very helpful throughout the process. I would like to pay thanks to Bin Faisal and will recommend to every person who is unemployed or have recently completed his/her studies.
  4. When I joined Bin Faisal Recruitment Agency, I was not expecting much as per my experiences in the past. Soon after, I realized that the people are very helpful, friendly and do take care of their clients. The experience was outstanding as they were professional and enthusiastic about my employment. They helped me find a suitable position that was beyond my expectations and truly met my lifestyle. During the whole process of recruitment, I never faced any difficulty or problem and got the job in a company where I always dreamt of. I would really like to pay them a big thanks for what they have done for me and would not hesitate to recommend people to avail their superb services.