Choose the Best Recruitment Agency

It is important for job seekers and employers to choose the right recruitment agency. It is the toughest decision for both the candidate and company. However, a good recruitment agency can add value to recruitment process by presenting a strong candidate. The companies have to take into consideration that not choosing the best recruitment agency can damage their image of brand. The same goes for the job seekers to select employment agencies who can look deep down, pick the best talent, and promote their services. Here are some of the considerations to choose the best recruitment agency.

Find Agency that Focuses on Your Industry

There are many agencies out there dealing in various industries to offer jobs and right candidates to the companies. The first tip in finding a better recruitment agency is to look for one specifically offering jobs and candidates in your industry. They are well versed in understanding your work, skills, jobs responsibilities and more importantly the right track in your industry. Moreover, some of the recruitment agencies are specialized in handling compensation plans in your industry outstandingly. This will help you give a boost in career as soon as you are hired. Make sure not to be very choosy because recruitment agencies may help candidates and companies in various industries.

Job Postings and Reach

Find out what type of job postings do they have and what is the reach? What is the location of recruitment agency and do they offer entry level and senior level positions relevant to your industry. Moreover, figure out whether they offer more than one job that suits to your requirements. It this is the case, it is a great recruitment agency.

Evaluate Website

Find out whether the website of agency offers quality job postings for various fields or industries. If they are a startup, they might not offer jobs relevant to your industry. Alternatively, the job postings for your industry might be much lesser than any other agency.

Good Clientage

A good recruitment agency is in contact with various organizations. This means that the agency helps you out to find relevant job postings before they even publically announce. Here lies a good chance for you to grab the opportunity before flood of people start applying for the job. It is therefore better to choose agency that is well versed, possess years of experience and have a good contact with the multinational companies and SMEs.

Willing to Meet You Face to Face

Evaluating a recruitment agency is not as difficult as it might seems. A well reputed agency will allow you to meet them face to face. They will establish relationship with you and act very friendly. Conducting question answer sessions with candidates and trying to figure out what company might suit the person. It is a good chance for you to ask the questions freely without hesitation. Establish a friendly relationship and ask them how many opening they have, and which companies do they deal in. These answers will help you figure out the expertise of recruitment agency. The more questions you ask the better.

Reviews of Companies and Candidates

Internet is jam packed with information and trying to find reputation of agency is not difficult. During research process, try to figure out what clients have to say about the company. If possible, call them directly and ask whether they are real or just fake info posted by agency. You can visit various websites and read testimonials. The more you read, the better you have the chance to pick the best one. Make sure not to rely on one source for collecting information. You can also contact the agencies directly and figure out where lies the opportunity.

Try to Be Honest

If you have selected the recruitment agency after evaluating and research, now its your time to show some guts. You should be honest to yourself and recruiter. Tell them honestly what are your expectations, how was your past job experience, what salary was offered and what skills can help you win the job easily. Be honest and let your recruiters know all about yourself.

Ask the Success Rate

You will be given numerous options to choose from relevant jobs related to your industry. Whether you are looking for contract based job or permanent one, ask your recruiter about the success of the company. It is only true, if the company is not been for many years in the market. For multinational and well reputed companies, you can just go through their profile for a quick overview. This will help you figure out how the company is working and what benefits you are going to get.

Finding a new job is not very easy, especially if you are fresh graduate with experience. Make sure to be wise in choosing the job and recruiter for success in the long run.